Gabe Grand


I completed my undergrad at Harvard SEAS in 2018, where I concentrated in Computer Science and Mind, Brain & Behavior. I wrote my undergraduate thesis and two publications on Visual Question Answering under Alexander Rush and Stuart Shieber and in close collaboration with Yonatan Belinkov. I also completed two research-focused internships at Google Brain (now Google AI) on Google’s Tensorflow and OCR teams. Previously, I was an RA in the Fedorenko Lab at MIT, where I worked on computational models of lexical semantics.

I spent several years (2019-2021) as a research engineer at Reverie Labs, where I applied techniques from computational chemistry, natural language processing, and computer vision to discover novel molecules for treating brain cancer.

Currently, I’m a PhD student at MIT CSAIL co-advised by Jacob Andreas and Josh Tenenbaum. My research combines ideas and tools from language modeling, program synthesis, and cognitive science.

Outside research, I enjoy playing and composing music. I’m a trained jazz guitarist and amateur keyboard player. I also like backpacking, skiing, rowing, and sailing. In the summer, you can often find me at the MIT Sailing Pavilion.

Last updated on June 30, 2022