Gabe Grand


Adversarial Regularization for Visual Question Answering: Strengths, Shortcomings, and Side Effects. Gabriel Grand and Yonatan Belinkov. Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Shortcomings in Vision and Language (SiVL) at NAACL-HLT, Minneapolis, MN (June, 2019).
[arXiv] [ACL]   Best Paper Award, SiVL Workshop, NAACL 2019

Learning Interpretable and Bias-Free Models for Visual Question Answering. Gabriel Grand. Harvard Undergraduate Thesis, advised by Alexander Rush and presented to the Department of Computer Science (2018).
[PDF]   Hoopes Prize

On the Flip Side: Identifying Counterexamples in Visual Question Answering. Gabriel Grand, Aron Szanto, Yoon Kim, and Alexander Rush. KDD Deep Learning Day, London, UK (August, 2018).
[arXiv] [KDD]

Semantic Projection: Recovering Human Knowledge of Multiple, Distinct Object Features from Word Embeddings Gabriel Grand, Idan Blank, Francisco Pereira, and Evelina Fedorenko. 32nd CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing, Boulder, CO (March, 2019).
[arXiv] [CUNY]

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